Center for Online Theological Studies (COTS, Kottayam, Kerala,India

Audit Course

COTS provides opportunity for God’s people around the world to audit theological courses for the purpose of self-enrichment and academic exploration. At COTS, auditing a course allows a student to watch video lectures of renowned Bible scholars and teachers without the benefit of a grade or credit for a course. Since audit courses carry no academic credit and are not graded, students will no be awarded any certificate or degree.

COTS offers following courses for auditing:

1. Study Skills (Preparatory Course)
2. Introduction to the Old Testament
3. Introduction to the New Testament
4. Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels
5. Jesus in the Gospel of John
6. Writings of Moses
7. Apostle Paul: His life, Ministry and Writings
8. History of Christianity
9. Systematic Theology
10. Major Religions of the World
11. Bible and Mission
12. Christian Counseling
13. Christian Ethics
14. Interpreting the Bible
15. Principles of Preaching
16. Prophets in the Old Testament
17. Judges and Kings of Israel
18. Psalms and Proverbs
19. Christian Apologetics
20. Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements
21. Church and Mission
22. Church and Ministry
23. Christian Leadership
24. Marriage Counseling
25. Elementary Greek-I

Application Procedure

  • 1. Select the course to be audited.
  • 2. Fill the basic information form.
  • 3. Pay the Fees through Credit/Debit Card

Fee Structure

International Students US & Canada
Subject Fee 154
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