Center for Online Theological Studies (COTS, Kottayam, Kerala,India

Certificate in Ministry

The Certificate in Ministry program provides basic biblical knowledge to those desiring laypersons who are actively involved in ministerial vocations.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must be born again, committed Christians, passionate for the study of the Word of God with an intention to be effective in their sphere of ministry.
  • Applicants must hold a pass in their matriculation or grade ten.
  • Applicants with proficiency in English can enroll irrespective of age, race, gender or status.
  • Applicants must own a computer with a good configuration and a stable internet connection.

Mode of Study

The Certificate in Ministry is offered in a term based system. There are three terms and the duration of each term is four months. Course content is delivered through recorded lectures and other study aids.

Period of Study

The Certificate in Ministry is a One year program. The year is divided in to three terms of four months each. The students are expected to complete their subject within this period. Extension can be allowed only on payment of an extension fee.

List of subjects, term wise distribution and duration are as follows;

Sl. Subject Term Credit Duration US/Can
1. Understanding the Old Testament First Term 4 2 months 104
2. Understanding the New Testament 4 2 months 104
3. Principles of Interpreting the Bible Second Term 2 1 months 54
4. Introduction to Christian Doctrines 4 2 months 104
5. Introduction to Preaching of the Bible 2 1 months 54
6. Introduction to Missions Third Term 2 1 months 54
7. Introduction to Christian Counselling 2 1 months 54
8. Introduction to Christian Ministry (any five)
  1. Ministry among Children (1 week)
  2. Ministry among Youth (1 week)
  3. Ministry to the Families (1 week)
  4. Introduction to Christian Apologetics (2 weeks)
  5. Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (1 Week)
  6. Christian Leadership (1 week)
5 2 months 154


The Certificate in Ministry is worth 25 credits. It incorporates eight (8) subjects.

Application Procedure

  • 1. Fill in the application online.
  • 2. Pay the Fees through Credit/Debit Card

Fee Structure

International Students US & Canada
Admission Fee 120
Subject Fee 180
Extension Fee 54
Graduation Fee 120
Transcript Fee 120

**The Centre for Online Theological Studies (COTS) reserves the right to revise the fee structure in accordance with the escalation of the operating cost of the program.

Graduation Requirements

Students must fulfill the requirements as per the demands of the academic council of the IPCTSK. Successful completion of the credits, character formation, spiritual development, and ministry commitment will be assessed. The student must earn 25 credits by completing modules.

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